Electrical Repair Tools: The 16 Tools You Need for Electrical Projects

Like any other project you may try to tackle, electrical work will require a few tools to accomplish the job. If you are like me and other electricians, you will likely have a few bags of tools that you use almost every day. it seems that I use almost every tool in my tool bag at one time or another during the course of the day.  When someone tries to lift my tool bags, they are amazed at how heavy it is and how I could possibly need all those tools!

This is a partial list of needed tools to take care of most electrical jobs. These tools are readily available at most building material outlet stores or electrical wholesale stores. There are different manufacturers of similar tools, but if you’re in the electrical trade, you know which tools to buy. The quality of some brands can last a career, while other tool manufacturer tools are what we call, throw away tools.

If you are a serious electrician depending on your tools to get the job done, tool cost is not a problem. Quality over price savings is what is important. Choosing wisely will give you quality tools and make your job much easier. Hopefully the descriptions below will help you in selecting the proper tools for the type of electrical projects you will encounter. I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest electrical tools that can make my life easier doing electrical work!

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